Good Life Planning Book?

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    What I'm looking for is something that shows you how to manage every area of your life, without leaving anything important out. By 'areas' I mean health, social, mind, finances... (and for traders--psychology, computer knowledge, taxation...)

    I have a tape program from Tony Robbins (The Time of Your Life) which addresses this, and there are some good ideas in there, but overall it doesn't do it for me. I'm guessing there are similar books out there, and I'm wondering if anyone has read and applied them with any success.
  2. maybe "the magic of thinking big"

    it's a book
  3. live each and every day as though it is your though you are terminal and will never see another warm sunrise...

    seize the moment!

    thats thats thats thats what i think

  4. how much is enuf?

    how many meals can you eat? how many cars can you drive? how many houses can you live in?

    after all waht more do we have really but the moment ...

    the past is history and the future a hapless illusion

    and you aint getting out of life alive :-/
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    It's called the Bible. Made a few best seller lists......

    Longshot medidates to Psalms before each trading session.:D
  6. the Bible..

    the BLOODIEST book ever .. :-/

    how sad i feel for you Pabst.. and all like you :(
  7. may i be so bold as to recommend:

    The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

    get them all
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    Actually LS other than the New Testament I don't mess with much of the Old Book. But I do believe whether Christ is the Son of God or not, it's the greatest story ever told. A King without an Army or gold or material fortune, but instead a healer who preached good works. Jesus was a super cool guy.
  9. arrrgh.. you think jesus would appreciate your greed your avarice.your materialism! you mouth the words but you don't walk the walk :-/
  10. At the (very high) risk of being guilty of contributing to letting this become another religion thread (of which there are too many, so I really hope I can make an observation here without opening another can of worms....another Axeman vs. ART type of epic), I would like to comment on what Pabst said.

    Yeah, I agree that Jesus (real or fictional...I don't know) was, as portrayed in the New Testament, a "super cool guy".

    The sad part of the story is that his "super coolness" has been perverted by so many. His teachings of peace and love ignored to such a huge degree in the name of power and money.

    I was brought up in a Jewish family. So for me, Jesus was never the Son of God. But he was always referred to as a "super cool guy" by most Jewish scholars and teachers and Jewish lay people I knew who talked about him. Whether he was a historical figure or not is not an issue to Jews. To most Jews, the Bible (Old Testament) is itself a collection of parables, not a history book anyway. Take the Old Testament literally and you will become schizoid (IMO). "An eye for an eye". "Turn the other cheek" for simple starters. The heavy contradictions are beyond the realm of an ET post. But there are perhaps thousands of them.

    Jesus' teachings were and are well respected by most Jews. It is only his deity that is not accepted by Jews.

    So why is it that so many of the "true" followers of Jesus seem so detached from his teachings?

    Assuming he really did exist, he was a revolutionary in his day. He challenged the orthodoxy of Judaism as it was practiced in his time. But today the majority of his followers seem to believe that similar challenges to their own teachings lead to damnation. Read the over- the- top rants here on ET of Thunderbolt...they stand out big time for me.

    Jesus, as it is written, preached peace and love. But his followers used the "spreading of the His Word" as a motive for war and imperialism.

    Jesus, as it is written, preached "love thy brother". His followers showed their "love" with such fun antics as the Crusades, the Inquisition, to a degree even the Holocaust, and the over running of places like Southeast Asia, South America, the Pacific islands, Africa, and virtually anywhere else you can think of. Missionaries all over the place at one time or another. Anyone remember French Indochina? (one shining example).

    The French were especially good at fighting in the name of love and peace (what happened to them lately :confused: ) Afraid of the Arabs they so readily tried to control for so long in places like Algeria? Look at a map of the globe from a hundred years ago. Fifty years ago. More French colonies than is imaginable. All in the name of Christianity and "love". LOL

    I do strongly do NOT mean to imply that there is anything wrong with the ideals of Christianity. Quite the contrary. It's the PRACTICE of the religion that I have problems with.

    I believe that the teachings of Christ (or at the very least, the teachings of the legend of make some here, happy....Longshot and GG for example) are great in themselves. But why have they been allowed to be so perverted as to be used as an excuse for war? How does the pursuit of "peace and love" become a reason to practice hatred and killing?

    My only guess is that we, humans...are just too un-evolved to accept the teachings of the great pacifists. Pol Pot was a Buddhist. (Is there a more peaceful discipline or religion than that of "The Buddha"? Was there a more ruthless man than Pol Pot?).

    My lack of understanding of other religions is vast. So I may be very far off the mark in my belief that only Islam was founded by a warrior. But it seems like virtually every organized religion has found cause to fight in the name of peace. Seems rather odd to me.

    There were obviously a lot of "super cool" guys who represented religious beliefs. Jesus was one of quite a few.

    Why can't the "true believers" just BELIEVE?

    Why, if they believe in peace is it so important to force their beliefs on "non-believers" even if doing so requires killing, torture and war?

    Yes, Jesus was indeed a super cool guy. The Bible is indeed a great story. Why is it that people seem to find ways to interpret the Bible (in it's many versions) in ways that justify very "un-Christian" behavior? To achieve "spreading the Word" of peace and love through intolerance and violence? Why is the crucifix a favorite symbol of not only those who love but also of those who hate?

    If Jesus were to show up here on earth today, I think he would be pretty pissed off at a lot of "Christians". And a lot of what has been done in His name over the past 20 centuries. Certainly he would also be quite pleased with others, but there are a lot less Saints than sinners.

    Of course, as always, I could be wrong.

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