Good LCD screens to take on the road

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by magicdust, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. I'm going to be doing some trading on the road with my laptop. I'd like to bring an extra display. Anyone know if there are any 15-17" LCD monitors especially made to be portable, e.g. light, compact and with a guard or case for safe transit?

  2. i took a 19 dell to the las vegas trade expo with no problem. i just packed it in a suitcase wrapped between two pillows.
  3. Most LCD screen have the stand attached with some screws. Then you can take off the stand and use one of the stands that people use for holding up plates.

    Some years ago I saw a nice 15 Samsung. Nice screen, reasonable priced and the stand (if you could call it that) was just a piece of plastic that could be folded out like a picture stand.

    For all my electronic gear I am using Pelican cases. You can get them in all kind of sizes and in several different colors. No fear of things getting broken and watertight too. Which is handy if you go to remote areas and travel by open boat to some remote islands or stay somewhere close to the beach (no salt getting into the gear as long as you do not open the boxes).

    I switched to Pelican cases when I was travelling for my work - platinum status in airmiles - and had for the umpteemp time a laptop broken because some other fellow traveller stuffed his / her gear on top of it in the overhead locker.

    Instead of getting an extra screen (thinking of the weight here) you may want to get one of the 19" Samsungs:
    ( I am looking into that one now)
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