Good laptop under $1000

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gunslinger, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Mine is fryed. I want one thats light and fast without sacraficing too much else, is this doable?

    Where would be the best place to pick one up? From what I hear Costco has the same models as Bbuy, CC and Compusa but cheaper. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Inspiron E1505 Core Duo 1.66, 512 DDR2, 40 GB SATA, 15.4" WXGA, DVDRW, WIFI, Radeon x1400 $768
  3. Appreciate it. Was thinking either dell or sony. any thoughts on the dell 6000?
  4. i think 6000 is being replaced by E1502..

    get the duo core... its cheap!

    dell's laptop warranty service is excellent. i'll buy dell again just because of that.
  5. Last year I bought 2 Compaq Presario laptops from Costco for $799 each. Don't know if they still sell them, haven't looked lately but it might be worth a shot to check it out.

    40GB HD
    512 Ram
    15" screen
    XP Home

  7. Go to eBay and find what you wish. Actually, I'd contend you could find better at a better price. :cool:
  8. Thanks for thinput all. Picked up a sony fs920, so far so good.