Good Job Moderators !!!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Mr Savage, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. In dealing with the recent wave of Spammers posting and Spamming the members here with their POS websites...

    Now that Barron's has written up a good piece, all of the maggots are coming out of the woodwork and those who spam here are being reported to their hosting company and internet provider by me personally and hopefully by other members here as well.

    We all need to help the moderators out by using the "Complain" button to alert them to the abuse by spammers....they can't be in every forum 24/7

    But with yesterdays spammer hitting every single forum and then a few other spammers coming here as well, the moderators have done an excellent job in getting rid of those rats !!

    A Job Well Done !!

    Let's All Help In Keeping Elite Clean!!!
  2. i had one of my threads deleted for no reason...
  3. The stock you were posting about trades in less than 10000 shares per day and many days 0 shares are traded. That is why your post was deleted.
  4. maybe someone that deals with small caps would have some knowledge...

    however, i do realize this is a trading msg board
  5. That should be left up to the members to decided if such a stock is worth the risk, not the Mods on behalf of the members.