Good job Fed!

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  1. Personal spending 0.6%
    personal income 0.3%

    People are confident Fed will bail out and continue to spend despite of all foreclosures!
    0.6% up, expected 0.4% and it's even before rate cut

    Oil 100 by the new year.
    American dollar worth 0.995 canadian
    Euro 1.42, by the year end 1.5 or higher

    Market at all time high so another cut for
    50 bp in the cards

    And no_inflation!

    Bernanke is a genius
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    if they would just cut to 0% we could enjoy unlimited prosperity!!
  3. Welcome to the land of perfect.
  4. Pay no attention to these prices, they will never be reflected in any government reports.
  5. Inflation is NOT excessive

  6. While that would be nice, why don't they just cut the rate to -5% If I could get paid for borrowing money i would borrow tons of it and just start spending to help keep the economy strong.

    Its not real money anyway. Afterall if we run low they can just print more.
  7. When it is noticeable, it's to late. In order for companies to absorbed these rising costs, they sure better have a risk management dept in place to hedge against the rising prices.
  8. I just don't see how the producer prices numbers can hide this any more. The number will become suspect if they come in soft again, my gosh it's not like we can't see these sky rocketing commodity prices.
  9. Three types of lies:

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.
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    I am going to strip the sod from my yard and plant a crop of winter wheat, hedging forward of course.
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