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  1. Wirdy free financial eBook and PDF reader, they have a paid one but I haven't tried it. Good selection of articles of all types and you can't beat free. Able to download so you can read them later offline.

    Here is a link to the app store description page.

    Dragon voice recognition software is free for the iphone now, not perfect but works ok. I send out addresses to my crews in text messages and it works good for that. This isn't trading related but if you're an iphone user it might be of use to you.
    Link to dragon site.
  2. It is my experience that the iPhone is like the Amphicar. The Amphicar was a horrible boat and a horrible car, but the only thing that does both.

    The iPhone is horrible at everything it does. I would not trust it as far as you could make it move using telepathy.
  3. This is my first smart phone and never had a Mac so I wasn't an Apple fan boy, but damn I like my iphone. Does a lot very well, plus the screen is big and easy to read from. The thing I don't like is AT&T coverage area. I still have a phone with Verizon for when I work or travel in the backwoods of Texas.
    My overall rating of the phone is a big fat A .
  4. It does do email well but my favorite feature is the map. From anywhere in the US you can ask it for directions telling it you want to go from Current Location to any zip code, city & state, etc. It draws a blue dot at your current location and a line for your every turn. I have driven from south florida to san diego and maine/ new hampshire using it while driving the motor home.

    The phone on it is horrible. Someone told me that's because it's primarily a telephony phone and only uses cellular when it can't hack a wifi. Driving down the road it's constantly trying to whore along on any wifi it can find. As to how much accuracy is in that statement is unknown by me. Maybe someone more tech savvy can explain why it's such a horrible phone. It's worst for the person at the other end trying to hear what someone is saying into an iphone.

    As for toys, gadgets, widgets, that's all trash to me. I'm sure many enjoy all that crap though. I'm one who installs windows on a pc, then works real hard to take everything off the installation like chat, photos, media, etc....