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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Candara, Jul 16, 2007.

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    What monitor do You use for charting? I need at least 1800x1200.
  2. I like my Dell 24"'s. I run 1920x1200 on them and would buy them again. Good value for money.
  3. Agree. 24' is enough if you trade 1-2 markets, no need to have second monitor.
  4. I run two of the Dells myself and personally would recommend getting a minimum of two. Can never have enough screen real estate. I like having one for Excel and the other for browsing and my IB TWS.
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    Another one for the dell 24"

    Although atm Im using a 22 inch LG had to sell my dell when I moved
  6. Definitely the Dell monitor. Best monitors around..
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    I just bought the Samsung Syncmaster 244T and love it. It's got 11% more pixels than the 245 (1920x1200 vs 1920x1080) and a whole lot of different pluggie-innie ways to hook it up. Plus it's brighter (500 candelas vs 400). Customer reviews on lots of websites are quite good too.
  8. Thanks for the reply.

    Here's a dilemma, this 28"Viewsonic (brand name too) is same price as the Samsung 24". Same brightness (500) Slightly less contrast. More real-estate for the price. 1920X1200.,39392984/specs.html

    Pro's, Cons?

  9. The Samsung has an S-PVA panel, the Viewsonic has a cheaper TN panel. Could make a difference or not, depending upon how sensitive you are to viewing angle and color fidelity.
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