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  1. Spot gold $545.80.
    Intraday bottom. Not to mention some bullish divergences.
    We should see some more upside from.
    Quote me on this one.
    GlobalFinancier vs Mr Market 2:1(Twice right on oil, Once wrong on Nikkei)
  2. Wrong, Gold is at 538 right now.
  3. thanks for the link !!!

    sorry you are now batting 50 %

  4. Gold breaks to new highs at 551 after a dip to 535.
    Morale: I jumped the gun entering then.
    Half of my real money portfolio is gold stocks. BULL.
  5. Dude, you are waaaay more aggressive than I.

    I love gold, don't get me wrong, I just can't see why the CB's won't punish it in the future during any extensive run up. Why be long now what you will probably get for cheaper later?
  6. howard simmons makes the case for lower gold
    in the latest issue of SFO magazine

    I hope he is wrong before he is right so I can unload my silver coins above $10 spot

  7. u are not the only 1 jumpin' into gld at those levels and I criticized the fella that bot there....he's obviously sitting on nice gains now and I although he took some heat he sure knew better....and, yes, I knew crap ;(
  8. Its starting to look good, but its only one trade right?
    Gold bugs NEVER say die, strange they never sell........
  9. Buy more.
    1)Strong EUR/USD, probable bottom
    2)Strong commodities, especially copper oil et al.
  10. Sell.
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