Good girls vs bad girls

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Which girl to go for?

  1. Nice girls are keepers - live happily ever after with Miss A

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  2. Bad girls do it better - go for Miss B

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  3. Other (explain further)

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  1. Cutten


    A question for you all. You have the choice of two different women to pursue a relationship with. Both of them are hot and young.

    Woman A: nice girl, good fun, your friends and family like her and your mother would love her as a daugher-in-law, she's responsible, hard-working, clean-living, cooks well and cleans, doesn't nag or give you drama. Likes to plan things in advance, rather houseproud. Most regular guys would be jumping at the chance to pop a ring on her finger.

    Woman B: bad girl, looks and acts like a femme fatale out of a Bogart movie, good fun but can get a bit out of control sometimes, chain smokes, drinks like a fish, doesn't really give a shit about job/career/family, rather high maintenance, enjoys trying sexual positions they forgot to include in the Karma Sutra, quite a drama queen, shit-tests you, and acts like an obnoxious spoiled princess/brat to your friends, who nontheless would jump at the chance to fuck her if she wasn't already with one of their buddies. Your family hates her and your mother gets out the silver crucifixes and holy water at the mere prospect she might come within a 50 mile radius of home.

    Girl A wants to move in with you. Girl B calls you up and says how about 2 weeks in Vegas. Which do you go for?
  2. jem


    you get what you want out of the market - ed seykota
    the problem is the markets change.
  3. sim03


    That's a trick question.

    Obviously, both babes were meant for menage a trois.
  4. If you were raised in a similiar background to woman A you might not choose "A" because she would be like your sister. I would venture a guess that "B" would be the more tempting choice.

    I would have to make my choice based on which one would further my selfish goals in life.

    I can be a "B" personality and maintain control. If I chose "B" she would be difficult to control hence wasting much of my energy on her and not on what I truly want out of life.
  5. Girl A wouldn't want to move in with you without being married. Flawed premise. Sorry.

  6. That's just stupid. You are presuming girl A is a religious nut. Where do you live anyways - are there only religious girls to choose from?
  7. The op said girl A was a nice girl and clean living. Those kind of girls don't move in with a guy and f their brains out. :D
  8. Banjo


    Inside every good girl there is a bad girl, some of them just don't know it yet, it's much better if you are the one who shows it to her and only the 2 of you know . Bad girls have always made their way thru life relying on that modus operandi. Bad girls never really take the for sale sign down.

    edit: are you investing or scalping?
  9. Cutten


    I originally had that down as "option 4" :p
  10. Cutten


    I'd say I'd be more interested in some swing trading. Investing sounds nice in theory, but I've realised I don't have the stomach to watch a position fall 50% - I'd always want to bail way before that.

    P.S. for the other poster, girl A is not religious or demanding marriage.
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