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  1. I saw that movie last night called "lucky" . It had alot things that related to trading . Especially they had a part that said when you go for broke ( the big win , over leveraging) you end up being broke . Whats a good book on the psychology of gambling . I think gambling is probably more of a head game than trading .
  2. One of a Kind and Fortune's Formula
  3. I can't comment on books but some other good flicks to check out are (in no particular order):

    "Let it Ride"
    "Cincinnatti Kid"
    "The Hustler" (no-brainer)
  4. nove


    A serious book:

    Epstein; The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic.
  5. Let it Ride is by far the best gambling movie ever made. I love it!
  6. One of my favorite movies in this genre is "Hard Eight." Interesting analogy to trading to get an edge through "comps" offered by the casino. A very dark film with a deeper message, and a talented cast.
  7. yea , let it ride was great, a funny flick..
  8. The best scene in Let it Ride (After every scene that contains Jennifer Tilly) is when he goes around asking everyone else what horse they like then he bet the one no one said. This is the embodiment of the odd lot theory. I find the odd lot theory to be one of the most powerful indicators out there.
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