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  1. i am thinking about stepping into the FX frontier and would like to learn from your experience.

    i research the market a little bit and learned that most FX
    brokers (FCM) offer a spread of 3 pips on the common pairs

    i don't think that for a none institutional trader like me it makes a difference which FCM choose

    I tried some free demo's from some providers and the platforms were unusable

    what i would like to know is which platform that they offer is the best for active trading,

    any of you can recommend a good platform ?

    your answers will be dearly appreciated
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    i don't trade, but i have demoed oanda and it is 1.5 on euro/usd 2.5 on usd/jpy and nice platform.

  3. 4xtrader


    Oanda platform is perfect. They upgraded it recently.
  4. I use the FX platform through This is probally the most used platform and I like it.
  5. A friend of mine told me that the FCM he trades with he gets access to, Currenex he told me that he becomes a market maker himself with it, is Currenex better then oanda?

    is there a difference? , is a 2.5 pip spread considered good (he gets it with Currenex via his FCM


    the min for opening an account is 50k
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    We use Oanda along with several of the traders in our traders chat room and have not heard of many complaints. platforms have different spreads especially during news they can widen,most of the time EUR is at 1.5 pips with Oanda.Good Luck
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    What is the difference between those two platforms?


  8. Remiraz


    perfect my kabulla*. oanda's platform is one of the most basic out there. limited indicator support, no custom indicators, no 15 minutes charting, no API, no exportable historical data, old historical data gets deleted, no trailing stops. On top of that, US$30 withdrawal fees! But the good thing is 1.5 pip spread on Oanda.

    Interactive Brokers is the way to go. Free API. Free third party tools. Free data. One free withdrawal per month! 1 pip spread on EUR/USD Futures, 1-2 pip spread for Spot EUR/USD.

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    There he is ! What took you so long mate :p !

    Metatrader is my primary source of FX quotes.
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