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    I am looking to buy one good futures trading system (non day-trading).

    Any recommendation?

    P/S: My budget is < USD 2000
  2. Well, you could do worse than start here:

    Note that while their evaluation methodology is generally considered objective / unbiased, it's got one (major) drawback: everything is based on 1 contract. No money management of any kind. However, that should't stop you from investing $170 - $220 in their Top 10 Systems CD and applying your MM to any of the systems, trade by trade, e.g., in Excel.

    If you take this road -- or even if you don't -- you'll want to read
    The Ultimate Trading Guide
    by Hill, Pruitt and Hill (the first two of Futures Truth). It breaks down / dissects many types of trading systems, with plenty of performance tables. 1 contract, again, but still a must read for someone in your shoes.

    I have no connection to any of the above.
  3. if you want to find a real working one, you may have to write one on you own based on your trading experience.
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    Thanks late apex for your links and garywang21 for your advice.
  5. I know a guy who has a simple futures trading system for sale and the beauty of it is you can watch him trade it live for awhile and ask him all the questions you want before buying it. He has a free room on Paltalk called TraderVics something or other. I dont know what the system is about and Im not reccommending it, just putting this out there at your request.
  6. gary,

    Few will ever believe you. That's the reason for the 95% loser story.