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    Anyone know of any good forex news sites that focus on what is impacting the various pairs? Also looking for some reason why the pound has suddenly tanked. Thanks for any help.
  2. GBPUSD weighed down by Good Size Japanese Name selling

    fxdd news feed which they probably copy off of bloomberg

    the feed is free bloomberg is not
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    The only news I'm aware of when trading forex is the economic releases that you can get at forex factory or other sites. In my opinion stay away from commentary, they only make the news fit the moves anyway and will just confuse....

    cable which I traded this morning, is at pretty hefty resistance on the longer tfs, after it broke supp it was only going one way.
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    awesome thanks a lot for the help. I am mostly looking for a good economic calendar so no events take me by surprise
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  9. I heard that there is a news feed site like stocktwits coming out just for forex news.

    It wasn't up yet the last time I visited it. I like stocktwits though, it's a good way to get really up to date financial news.
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