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  1. I am playing ouanda sim account and their charts are not that great graphicaly but very functional. Do you know any Forex broker with full featured order on screen charts ? It should be a good broker also.
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    MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a good platform for everything you seek in a demo situation and it could be your live platform. StrategyBuilderFX has one that never expires and has lots of crosses. Aleccohfx has it also, but have the ability to trade CFDs, and more.

    There is one other that might be helpful, it is Falcon Trader from CBS brokerage, which is thru one of the large European banks (Saxo I believe).

    After using MT4 I realized how truly lacking most broker platforms really are. MT4 has EAs, but I do not use this capability...YET.

    Hope This Helps!
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    Try Interbank.
  4. I think very good is Swiss marketplace or Dukascopy. Charts are nice and technology solution is also cool
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    G/J King

    Anyone looking for a broker with good charts can try out Has to be one of the most user friendly platforms i've seen. Not a good broker for fundie traders. But very good broker for technical traders. Very reputable in my opinion.
  6. gft has good charts and platform
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    When it comes to charting and technical analysis, I think MetaTrader is the best choice. is a reliable broker that uses this platform.