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    My eventual goal is to be employed as a trader (no specific product that I'm set on trading).

    There are a couple energy/fuel trading companies in my area: one is a co-op that provides energy trading and risk management services, and the other is a fuel wholesaler that provides fuel to commercial/government/wholesale customers.

    Would getting a job at one of these companies be a good first step to an eventual trading career? The specific positions I think I would be qualified for are research analyst, quantitative analyst, spot bid specialist, and/or contract bid specialist. Are these specific positions good stepping stones to a trading career, or are they "dead-ends" with no hope of moving into trading?

    I appreciate any help.
  2. First, why do you want to be employed as a trader? Make sure you know that :)

    As to the question you`re asking us, I would suggest that you instead ask these companies directly.

    The companies I`ve been talking to in my home country tells me that most of the recruitment to their trading positions happens internally.

    Good luck!

    Laissez Faire