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    i want to learn to trade the markets to get steady returns with few drawdowns :) i don´t want to sit at the computer the whole day but would be able to manage the trades on a "end of day" basis. does anyone know a reliable service with good risk management and serious trading instructions? maybe even with triggers, stops and targets but also with an educational element?
    thank you a lot
  2. hi - just throwing this out there

    For the forurm police, I am not a schill nor do I have any connection whatsoever with this group ...

    I received a cold call from Pacific Trading Academy several weeks back, so they were fresh in mind when I saw your query. And I have no idea if this is anything close to what your are seeking. I do know that I passed on their offer, but that does not preclude how the next guy might feel.

    They basically offer an educational approach using a private trading mentor, and their fees are not cheap. But if a person was so inclined, they do offer a trial period w/ money back guarantee. Upon hearing from them, the first thing I did was do a search on this forum, and if you do the same, you will understand the reason for the above disclaimer. I was actually hoping to find some sort of useful information.

    You can check out their website at

    Good luck with your search ...
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    For what it's worth, I have had experience with PTA. The first time, I went looking for them because I, too, wanted better trading results. They put me with a mentor named Haney who was excellent. I had fair results after that and felt it was worth the money (they are a little pricey but not out of the usual ball park) The second time, I got a call from their marketing recruiter who promised me that they would put me with a mentor who could almost guarantee me that I would make back the cost of the tuition in that month of trading, and if I wasn't happy they would refund the tuition. Well, the mentor they put me with told me that we wouldn't even be trading in the first month and wouldn't start until the second month. I had reseeded my trading account and started applying what little I was learning from the new mentor and lost the amount of the tuition. When I asked for a refund and cancellation, they renigged on their promise, tried to stall and put me with a new mentor, give me another month w/o charge with the same mentor. Needless to say, my second experience was awful and still haven't received the refund. To learn the basics and brush up on the fundamentals, the best thing I've ever seen is the Common Sense Commodities course by David Duty. He's very practical, tho it's not "fast" money. Hope you can gain a little from my experience.
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    For what it is worth, my brother had a mentor from this outfit, Pacific Trading Academy. I think he paid around 5,000 dollars. It was with a mentor named Glen who did options. He thought he was super knowledgeable. He liked it enough to sign up again and with another mentor, Ken. My brother is the smart one in the family. He has taught me quite a bit about trading since. He hadn't traded before and learned quickly. A benefit do doubt of the personal attention. I think like anything you get out of it what you put into it. He did say they sometimes had scheduling conflicts and did have to reschedule sessions a few times. It wasn't a big problem. :)
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  6. I hope it's ok to mention here that you are welcome to trade along with my system on collective2 for $85/mo.
    Its an eod system with a 1 day turnaround on each trade. Low drawdowns, strong profitability. Can be autotraded or you can just receive the daily signals and trade them yourself. PM me for more info if interested.

    I currently have 25 subscriber slots available at the aforementioned price.
  7. of course its not ok, but that did not stop you, did it?
  8. Who died and made you a moderator?

    In case you didn't notice, I did not mention my system's name on collective2, here.

    Meanwhile, I checked the description of this category which states:

    "Talk about the resources available to traders such as books, videos, seminars, web sites, chat rooms, advisory services, etc"

    So, apparently my post here is Ok.
    So beat it before I get really upset with you and post my system's name.
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    I have had two experiences with Pacific Trading Academy. One positive and one VERY NEGATIVE. They have a hand full of mentors that teach very different methods.

    (1) The BAD:
    Run Away from Pacific Trading Academy!! The sales promotion is a SCAM.
    I attended a webinar by Glenn Thompson and got a couple of sales calls from Peter Newman of the Pacific Trading Academy. It started out, "You have been selected as one of three students for a special group. We will pay you $5,000 to study with Glenn Thompson. All we want you to do is post your results on our site." That was the BAIT. I said, "Well if it doesn't cost me anything, OK." Then comes the SWITCH. Apparently I would pay tuition first, and then I would make it back in the market with the knowledge I get from them. WHAT A SCAM. It starts out "We will pay you." and ends up "You pay us first, then you make the money back in the market. I challenged him after the bait got switched, and he got rude and offended me, so I hung up. Maybe there was more, but my instincts tell me this is a SCAM !!!!! This rating is for the sales pitch, not the method being taught. I wasn't that impressed with Glenn Thompson's presentation. I know enough about Fibonacci to disagree with some of the things he said. I'm not interested in the method. But, Peter Newman and the sale call was ABSOLUTELY A SCAM!!!!

    (2) The GOOD: Ken Chow's webinar was among the top 10 I've seen in three years. I didn't want to buy his CD's, but they dropped the price so low, and I talked to a client who was doing well, so I bought it. I haven't been through all the CD's yet, but I can see in the charts that the method does work. The call I got was from Susan Weyle who was always polite, and my instincts tell me she was always truthful. I was told their client success rate was very high. Maybe I'm naive, but I believed her. The method Ken teaches is simple, and I think that is why people do well with it. I've paid money for three methods. The Nexgen system is so good, Ken Chow's still sits on the shelf. But I thought it was good enough to buy at the reduced price.