Good documentary about 6 day war

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  1. If you have comcast there is a good documentary on the 6 day war available. I knew very little about it except for the outcome prior.

    Russians tell Egyptians and Syrians Isreal is going to attack them.

    Egyptians looking for an excuse, gather the troops, close the straights and drive the arabs into their frenzied violent transe with the rhetoric.

    Russians tell Syrians and Egyptians they were wrong. Egypt can't turn back because of the frenzied state the arabs are now in.

    Jordan jumps aboard.

    Egyptians kick UN out of safe zone. Isreal gathers troops and prepares for war.

    Those are the important parts anyways and we all know the end.
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    Saw some good word -pictures of that 6 day victory;
    Trinity Broadcasting Network.

    Reminded me of the many Old Testament battles;
    and as Hebrew National hot dog company ads say,
    for sure there was submission to a higher authority:cool: