Good defensive stocks/plays for Down Markets.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TradingBillions, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. What are some good plays for down markets? I'm playing crude right now and I ended my run today up 15% and I notice it is going higher. What other markets would you play, like commodities, currency, etc, on down days like we have today?(Feb 27,2007)

  2. Shorting stocks works pretty well in down markets :D
  3. Ah of course that too! Well it depends on how long we're gonna see these markets going down for. I would be very bearish this week on the dow, nasdaq, and others due to the fearish sentiment being expressed right now at the time.

    PS: I think a lot of this fear comes from China's government raising interest rates..
  4. This is self-fulfilling prophecy day. "Major markets down due to investors fears of a correction."
    I'm buying with both hands. :D
  5. Exactly. Long "defensive" stocks will go down less but they still go down in a down market. :D
  6. Good luck brother!! So am I!! Let's hope tomorrow is back to the highs or at least goes up a bit!
  7. Man! Today is like a 10%-off sale! I got so many stocks i want to buy and so little money...