Good day trading instruments(futures) and their symbols in tradestation.

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  1. Can somebody help me in identifying good day trading futures instruments and their symbols in tradestation. e.g mini gold what is the symbol, oil symbol , natural gas symbol ?

    I am already looking at e-minis
    s&p (ES), (nasdaq)NQ, (russell)ER2 and (dow)YM but pretty much they seem to be moving in same manner. I know Er2 is little much trending then others. But I still feel trading just 1 out of them is good enough.

    I am trying to diversify my edge and want to see if it also works(with minor modification) on other instruments.
  2. Pay the $5.00 fee and get the e-mini quotes for the crude and nat-gas contracts. Well worth the money, especially if you are trading stocks in the OIL SECTOR, and airlines too.

    In RealTick, the symbols are /QMG7 ( crude ) and /QGG7 (nat-gas) for the February contracts.
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    NYMEX emiNY will cost you $25 now on TradeStation, still well worth it!

    These clowns finally got market depth to work.

    el surdo
  4. anyone else have chronic problems with buggy nymex data in tradestation?

    today it went out completely for a while, but besides todays issue, comparing contracts like RB and CL between interactive brokers and TS, TS will simply leave out tons of trades then snap back a few trades later
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    Yes, having the same problem here.
  6. sorry to hear that, but at least we know it's probably not us. i sent market data services a screenshot comparing all 2007 months for both contracts and brokers this afternoon. literally only one last price out of 14 was correct

    it almost looks like you're comparing different contracts, but they're not.... and it's not a pure delay, it's lots of skipped and some late trades
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    TradeStation has the Margin wrong on CL so I emailed customer service.

    Wanna see the response I got from these mental midgets?

    "Dear Valued Client,

    In order to research your inquiry you will need to speak to someone on the Futures Trade Desk, they can not respond to email inquiries. You can reach them at (800)837-8951 or (954)652-7930. Business hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm

    If you have any questions please contact Client Services, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am - 6:30 pm ET and Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm ET.

    Thank you for choosing TradeStation and have a great day!

    Client Services Representative"

    Is this why I pay them a commission?
  8. yeah beaurocracy can be frustrating, and trade desks are a little harder/busier/less voluntary as we all know. i really like tradestation, although these chronic data issues with nymex contracts going back to QM last year, are really difficult to work with. have to constantly keep an eye on it for some major discrepancy

    i wonder what the hangup is. i've never seen feeds this messed up
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    Since we're on the topic ... how far back does IB go with their data relative to Tradestation .... for instance if I wanted to look at a daily chart with 1 min intervals how far back would that go with IB's data feed... sorry if thats a convoluted question..