Good day today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. The nasdaq is up big today and the potential to go much higher is still there

    see that big white candle?

    That is bullish breaout after the 8 day slump we have seen

    This may only be the start of a rally to 52 week highs

    This isn't a warning


    I recommend to make easy money

    AMR (this WILL go to 40), GS, CHAP, RIMM (200 easily), MA (120 in a month or two), GOOG, AAPL, BIDU

    And I am looking forward to hearing how trading tim reacts to this movement in the markets. He has been very bearish lately.
  2. A continuation

    Markets all green

    the Iran president said he would release the hostages.

    Also, oil is falling as a result. Back to 60 in a few weeks.

    I said Oil would fall and it did.

    Also, the buying today is VERY bullish because it means there is no selloff like what happened 8 days ago.

    There will be another 1-2% runup either this week or next week approaching Feb 27th's levels
  3. Another great day

    markets surged to weekly highs not seen since Feb 27th and broke out if a 2 week trading range

    52 week highs are possible within a month

    I'm sure Trader Tim is going to concede to the bulls. It will be ainteresting to read what he has to say today.
  4. But watch for potential weakness early next week.

    And so you get a little dose of humble pie, oil is up.
  5. are mkts closed tomorrow?

  6. yes
  7. Just so you know, if we go up any higher the ensuing downfall will be so bad you will taste the panic.
  8. Only negative news is that the last three days of rising price were on decreasing/weak volume. That is my main concern on the index moves...