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Discussion in 'Trading' started by fatman, Jan 8, 2003.

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    I know trading is a highly individual activity, so please keep that in mind when answering this question.

    In terms of $$$$$$ what do you consider to be a good day (or for that matter a bad day)? Or what do you usually make/lose on a good or bad day?

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    I know this might sound a bit cheesy but I really feel good when I finish the day doing what I had planned to do. That doesn't mean that I always win. Not by far!! :D

    But I really try to not pay attention to the numbers. They slowly become like a video game score. Interesting to keep in mind. But if you focus on it, you will keep losing lives.
  3. Well said. And today was not a good day for me, because my plan didn't work out. But it could have been a lot worse if I had not used unusually tight stops. I guess I kind of had a feeling...
  4. BTW, I think I lost about 200 bucks today. On a good day I will make 1000 or a little more, but most of the time I am happy with any triple digit gain. Yes, I am a little guy.
  5. You can't really tell whether you had a good or bad day just by the amount of money you made or lost, but in the relation to the opportunities that were present that day for your style of trading. I've had a day with a 5 digit profit when I was really upset, and also had days when I was happy to end the day down 1000 bucks.
  6. well I can tell you this, my best day has never been bigger than my worst day.
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    What's most important, if you want to focus on the numbers, is how much you need to make. If you "merely" average $200 per day, that's a $50,000 year. Not enough? Then $500 per day turns into a $125,000 year. As you can see, it doesn't take much per day on average, which is not to say it's easy....