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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by newguy1, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. newguy1


    What is considered a good rate for equities?

    How about 2 bucks an order, not per fill?

    i've seen .006 per share, and .001 per share....

    The way I see it, if you're getting 2 buck per order, 4 bucks roundtrip doing 5k size....thats pretty damn good.

    comes out to 0.0004 per share for 1 order.

    anybody heard of better at that size?
  2. thats really good...i have heard lower..but not by much

    also...make sure u get ecn rebates and put <100k in that acct and its FDIC
    casue a firm offering a deal like that cant be makin much money


  3. Speculator1929

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    How about free? Go to Schonfeld, they will give you apercentage fo gross. Can't beat that. Good firm too.

  4. I would never give up any percentage of my profits. I'll stick to a base per share charge and 100% payout.
  5. Longhorn,

    Speculator is not wrong. Which would you rather have, 100% of profits on a $500,000 buying power or 33% on a $2,000,000?

    I for one am not so egotistical that I can't give up some of my profits for leverage. Under a gross deal, my interests would be the same as the firm's. Under the Bright type deal, 100% payout just clip commissions, the firm is not your partner but your toll collector. Your interests are at times quite conflicted. I do appreciate the guy who can be a customer because he has enough cash to meet his own margins, but even then, mathmatically it makes sense to look at certain prop deals.