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  1. I can't make good coffee to save my life. I had a drip machine but that made multiple cups at a time that I let sit for days and used again. Then I went to one of those french press things
    that I let steep or brew for time and it still came out watery. Then I started grinding whole beans before using a different, smaller, single cup version of the same principle, let it stay in a cup of microwaved hot water for 3 times as long as the instructions say and still watery. How do I get a cup as good as McDonalds -- one cup at a time? What about transferring the dripped to something and refridgerating it?
  2. get a drip coffee maker, place BROWN PAPER filter, put fresh ground 100% COLOMBIAN beans, add water. for a FULL POT.

    VARY grounds or water to suit taste. (but not both!) :)
  3. You can't let it sit for days. Get a grinder, try different varieties of whole beans, use a LOT of coffee, ie 2 or 3 tbls per cup of water, and most importantly, DO NOY LET IT SIT ON THE WARMER. Take the pot off immediately after it finishes and transfer the coffee to a thermos.

    Hope this helps.
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    I could write a book on this. But, here's some advice.

    Use some sort of paper filter rather than the gold resusable ones. Coffee contains Cafestol, which pumps up your cholesteral. The paper filters absorb most of this oil.

    Use fresh beans. Buy them from a local roaster (not $tarbuck$) and grind `em right before you brew. Or roast `em yourself. You can get good green coffee for $3 a pound and make better coffee than you can get at these coffee houses. I roast with a heatgun and bread machine. Takes about 30 minutes to do a weeks worth of beans, including setup and cleanup.

    "Columbian" beans are generally overrated (although I'm drinking a cup of Columbian that I roasted that is pretty awesome). Be sure to get 100% Arabica beans, not Robusto. In certain cases, Robusto can add to a blend, but until you know your stuff - stick to Arabica.

    Don’t filter your water unless you are trying to remove chemicals like chlorine. Good coffee needs a decent amount of salts and minerals.

    Buy a good drip machine that brews into a thermal carafe. You do not want to let coffee sit on a hot plate and cook for hours (yuck). Drip coffee should be brewed at just below boiling.

    If you are using a French Press, use more coffee than you expect, plus don’t grind it nearly as fine as drip. Use nearly boiling water.

    Currently, I use 45 grams of home-roasted beans in an 8 cup drip brewer with carafe. My coffee is oustanding.
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  6. be warned CAFFEINATED coffee will boost your systolic 10 or 15 points! :mad:

    ORGANIC 'SWISS WATER' DECAF only way to fly SAFELY. :)
    (regular decaf process uses potentially harmful chems)
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    Go play with yourself kts. You always wanna ruin good stuff with your health nut advice. I like lead in my coffe, tar in my ciggs, fat on my steak, and all the fried chicken skin and pork rinds I can handle. While you're at it, stay the fuck away from my jelly donut and malasadas also.

  8. obviously too much caffeine ;)
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    Has anyone established the fact (contrived of course) that you are thee fasterpussycat reincarnate?

    Best coffee on the planet bar none...Jamaica blue and nothing from Hawaii can match this stuff.

    We order a batch for the whole neighborhood every couple of months. This comes from the slopes of the five volcanoes that surround San Jose, CR.
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