Good chart software for daytrading ???

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    I trade stocks intraday and used Q-Charts the last couple of years . Overall I was satisfied , unfortunately during the last couple of weeks the connection to their servers is very bad ( I cannot trade the first and the last hour ) so I have to look for a better chart vendor . I think Q-Charts has by far the best charting software but a worse datafeed .

    I know E-signal , but I dont like their graphic .

    A friend of mine uses tradestation but this software has some disadvantiges for me too .

    Can someone recommend to me a good realtime chart software with a good datafeed ????

    THX for an answer
  2. One thing for sure is...

    Wealth-Lab sucks for daytrading. Great for backtesting.

    TS is pretty much moderate in all rounds.

    E-signals' not bad for a software that comes with the quote subscription.

    Reuters and Bloomberg's for news momo... not a charting package...
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    graphic is vastly improve, give it a try
  4. Who are you trading through? If it is IB then try or a program called IB Charts, not sure of the web address. If you are not with IB then maybe:,, yahoo finance, e-signal has a tuned down version that is inexpensive. Hope it helps.
  5. I was a Qcharts/Ravenquote user for years and was finally fed up with the bad data feed. I switched to Esignal (never like their charting) with NeoTicker ( The Esignal feed is so reliable and consistent compared to QFeed. Its like running WIN98 for years and then moving to WIN2000 or XP. No more blue screens etc....NeoTicker supports 8+ feeds so you can have back up if need be. If NeoTicker doesnt do it for you, there are a lot of other charting applications (InverstorRT, Engsign) that use the Esignal feed. My point is, start with Esignal and then go from there. They also have competetive discounts for QFeed customers, just have to ask them.
  6. Try:

    $165 per month, including E-Minis ( $135 if year paid in full )

    Try their 2 week trial.
    You will be glad that you did.

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    You might want to give QT+ a shot.. It's a pretty solid online system for little money. Here is the link, you can get a couple week demo .

    Let me know if you sign up, I know some people who work there and can get you setup rather quickly.
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    I've used eSignal with MetaStock Pro graphics for YEARS... Charting is excellent!
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