good chart scalping software ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lucil, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. lucil


    i know of ninjatrader, sierra charts , button trader , bracket trader etc... but im not very good in trading the dom... which one works best for scalping right off the charts?.. eg.. clicking on the charts to trade.. . i just wan simple click on the charts trade , fast and efficient.. and cheap.. im using IB.... buttontrader needs to click too many boxes, which im not really fond of.
  2. maxpi


    Sierra charts screen trader is ok basically... Ninjatraders too.. I haven't used Ninja recently and can't recall details of the screen trader but Sierra one has this annoying thing of a confirmation screen popping up for every trade... the cursor is auto positioned on the "yes" button and it just means an extra click but still, it's unnecessary and annoying... I don't see a way to disable it so far... with sierra it's very easy to have a bracket trade entered as soon as you get filled... and it's very easy to adjust the bracket after that by clicking on the order and moving it with the mouse.. the bracket will be on an oca basis with the entry order, so cancelling an entry or bracket order cancels the whole thing... it's easy to modify quantities too... if you have a position in TWS when you start up Sierra I think that it recognizes that, you can't be "out of sync" with your account iow, not sure if Ninja does that..
  3. FGBL07


    I'm using ButtonTrader myself (futures) and so I'm a bit baffled by your statement. ButtonTrader offers a one-click operation and works for most tickers right out of the box. Could you please explain what you mean by having to click too many boxes?

    If you are more into (intra-day) swing-trading and want to trade from the chart then there are some tools that offer these features: among them IB's ChartTrader and SierraChart.

    SierraChart can be configured to submit orders instantly without any confirmation.
  4. lucil


    from the videos.. on the left is the chart, on the right is the buttons box that u click to select the price u wan to buy or set stop or target.. i would prefer something more like sierrachart.. but my concern if the fills entered fast enough in sierra if im scalping??
  5. FGBL07


    You should try the demo: with one click you submit an order (buy or sell) with stopp-loss and target-order attached to your opening order. No need to click seperately to set your stopp or target. In short, you use a bracket-order, something most tools offer now.

    As to SierraChart: again I can only recommend to demo it.
  6. Have you checked out MB Trading's platfroms?

    I think you get all (or most) of them if you open an account with them. You can also download some (or all) of them to try them out for free ...