Good Canadian broker??

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    Your help woudl be great. Im looking of a set price broker for large amounts of shares. I do not what a broker that charged a fee per share.
  2. You should be more specific by large volume, because the commissiom and fee price is very sensitive at this variable! You should supply how many transaction by month and how large are your block trade and if you trade or not penny stock.

    BTW, large institutional and fund use per share fee and they have very very large volume.
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    Try TDWaterhouse @ 1-800-387-1722. Press "0", then "2" to get a Rep. Explain your situation to the Rep who can pass you on to a manager; the manager has the power to negotiate; if the deal's too big for the manager, he/she will pass you on to somebody who can handle it.

    I use TD because they're a major bank and give you honest market-order fills within a few seconds.

    I don't know what you consider a high commission, but TD charges 29.00 Canadian (22.00 U.S.) per 1000 shares at any price above 2.00. At 2.00 that's a lot, but at 200.00 it's pretty good.

    TDWaterhouse also has a major presence in the U.S. .

    Hope this works for you. Regards.
  4. . Flat fee on US equities. No Canadian equities though.

    Avoid TD if you can. they are clueless. And more importantly they will screw you over if a problem arises.

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    I will be trading blocks of 10,000+ a few times month of a small canadian company the share price us under $1
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    OK - so forget TD. In October I placed 2 orders for 200,000 + @ .305 and .21 and couldn't get a break. (two worst trades of my life!)
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    They are clueless, but if you're masterminding your own straightforward equities trading you can bypass your broker.

    The biggest problem I've had with TD is that, even with a well-margined account, after 5 trades they have a Rep review your order - obviously fatal in a fast market.
    Up to 5 though, execution is very fast - and I've always gotten good market order fills.
  8. Then check TradeFreedom, they will charge a maximum of 17.95$CAD a fix fee for shares under 3$. If you have more volume this could be a little bit lower with a 9.95$ per trade.
  9. IB's commissions are 2 cents/share for Canadian stocks.
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