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  1. Volume.

    Where hast thou gone?

    Come back soon :(
  2. Volume has little influence on stock price. Since you believe so much on volume, and we're lacking volume, just go long, stay there, and watch your money grow. Piece of cake.
  3. retail investors are not biting,and hedge funds are window dressing,
    so i agree, till their accounting peroid ends, or when rates or talk's of rates start. China's another thing to keep note of.
  4. bstay


    if a hedge fund or fund institution is in profitable positions since last year, is there a deadline when if they close the positions they will have to pay the tax for 2009? middle of January maybe?
  5. Uh...hmmm....nm....

    I was going to explain it to you but you already know it all.
  6. As soon as january begins. Any position you ring out of in january no taxes have to be paid on till next year.
  7. ?

    Do you mean the overall market activity volume? That might make some sense.

    If not ... then it makes no sense at all. So if you know what you intended to mean by that statement ... then I best ask what you mean because ... well ... I'm not sure what you mean.