Good Bye Kramer!

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  2. Whoa, talk about a quick roller coaster ride...I was hoping Jim Cramer did something wrong again and got fired, LOL. But to see this kind of gawdawful crap from yet another "celebrity" is just plain painful.

  3. Can't wait to hear how this gets spun.
  4. lol, that wasn't Kramer, it was Vanilla Ice.

    Dudes, this is an unfortunate incident, but the Rodney King style presentation with only the aftermath and none of the provocation leaves me cold.

    Richards is a funny guy, wound a little tight probably, from what I can tell after watching him on and off for 25? years. He goes back to way before Seinfeld.
  5. I remember how he played to perfection the drugged out pharmacist on Fridays back around '81.
  6. Yep.

    Look, the guy was probably harassed and taunted to the boiling point, and now the hypocrites are gonna jump all over it.

    This was a man enraged by something we didn't see. It was not part of the act.

    How convenient no tape of the heckling was made.

    I'm not deceived. A man that watches the lies on Level 2 all day is not easily distracted by the false rage of the masses.
  7. Apparently he's an inexperienced stand-up who's never faced hecklers before. Leave it to a couple of shines to interrupt a talented guys act.......
  8. just saw him groveling on letterman with his sidekick jerry... said there was no excuse for his actions. didn't blame it on the hecklers. it's a start... claims he isn't a racist. i say whatever mel's punishment is kramer's should be that times ten and be done with it.
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    I was at a health food store lunch counter once and Michael Richards was next to me. He had an absolutely GREAT looking gal with him, just beyond anything I dreamed of, ever, being the skinny nerd that I am. Anyhow, he is wound tight, the mental torture he was putting himself through just trying to figure out what to eat, he was discussing it with the gal, was just nuts. I had to talk to the guy and suggest something from the menu just to get the excruciating decision process over with. He has a streak of perfectionism running through him I have to guess, those hecklers probably hit him right where it bothered him real bad. Rodney Dangerfield could handle the hecklers like nobody's business..."I remember the first time I got drunk, I acted like an asshole too, you'll get over it" and things like that, he never ran out of them.
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    A simple apology should do it if you were going to be a man about things. You guys think everytime somebody blows it you should get his inheritance.

    I had a survival kit idea for Mel Gibson, it was a Yamulka and a T-shirt that said "I was drunk, get over it". He could wear that around for awhile, everything would be fine after awhile.
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