Good Broker for Investing?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Dom90, Dec 27, 2020.

  1. Dom90


    Any suggestion about a good broker where I can invest?
    I wanna open a buy position on a stock, checked different brokers, but I don't see how it works.
    I'm new to this world.
    I wanna open a position on a silver mining stock, checked major broker like Etore, Plus5000, etc.. but is Seems I need to set a stop loss and a take profit.

    Is that right?

    Any suggestion would be appreciated

    Thank you
  2. ZBZB


    At a regulated brokerage if you have enough cash you do not need to use margin and pay interest and can keep the stock for ever. Hopefully someone will tell us what the situation is at a bucket shop like etoro or plus 500. For a regulated brokerage account look at
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  3. Nobert


    eToro - might buy CFD's by accident, while P500 only CFD's, thus - avoid both.

    Go for IB or Admiral Markets (with AM ask for Invest.MT5 account, cuz with that one you can't buy cfds)

    Just saw you're from Aus, don't know about the choices for that region.
  4. Frompal


    It is very hard task to find a good broker who is you help in meet to Profit. So You can start just a training account and read article. If you have capacity to take small risk then it is better for you. You check popular online broker profile and their reviews before Investment for profit
  5. Johannab


    The best way is to look for a regulated broker. This will not only ensure safety of your funds but will also provide you with a stable platform. I like trading with brokers like Plus500 and Fxview. So far they have been working well for the price action strategy I’ve been working on and there is no hassle with the use of indicators. In my opinion, you can judge a broker by their services, fees and reputation.
  6. Nicerchil


    Do you mean a demo account? Ya that can be helpful in finding out if a broker will suit your requirements or not.
  7. Putting in little capital with a broker that requires a smaller deposit for trading can also be a good way to find out how good/bad the services of a broker are. I think both etoro and plus500 have low minimum balance requirements so you could explore these options if you want.
  8. I test a broker always by trading live with them with a smaller amount. Some that I can recommend are easymarket, fxview and xtb.
  9. Go for plus500, you’ll get a wide range of investment options, and they are quick at getting back in case of when some issues arise.
  10. Nicerchil


    That’s true! I often get in touch with them when I cannot seem to understand why the price I see is not the same at which order gets executed. I am not very old into this and the setting of bid/ask price is something which I have recently started to get a hold on.