Good broker for 5000 account ?

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    I want to switch from cfd trading and open direct access account with 5000 $ at the begining , which one is reliable ?

    Velocityfutures = low net capital

    Global futures = quote me 4.7 RT on ES i want lower especially for ES options

    IB = minimum 10 k $

    open ecry = some commissions good some not

    others ?
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  5. Not sure there is any catch. OEC seems to do this every once in a while. I think they did this a couple years ago because I remember comparing it against my rate. You should jump on this. $0.50 per side a damn good deal for no minimum with a real firm like OEC.
  6. I had fill issues on a DEMO account with OEC....
  7. Pruetruth...I am trading real money. Could not care less about demo.
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    This deal lasts forever on account funded this month?!! (or am i reading it wrong?) Sounds like an amazing deal.
    So it will be $1 per roundtrip rather than the usual $4.50 or so most brokers charge, trading 1 ES contract??
  9. thanks for posting this info guys
  10. The $1 RT is just the commission. You still have the $2.28 from the CME and $0.02 from the NFA. Still the total cost is $3.30 which is really low.
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