Good books on option selling?

Discussion in 'Options' started by crgarcia, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Suggestions?
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    Indigestion: Living Better with Upper Intestinal Problems from Heartburn to Ulcers by Henry D. Janowitz
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    just read the raging debates here, best edumacation in the world.
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    Look at the free webinars at
  5. Yep, you'll learn more about it from debates on these forums than any book out there.
  6. you might want to check out

    it's free and there's quite a few useful videos there

    also check the book reviews here on ET
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  8. "Good books on option selling?"
    "Any option sellers her on ET?"
    "Pros seldom buy options?"

    Non stop genius by cgarcia.

    What next - "Please give a me a detailed explanation of how I can just sell some options and collect that oh so pretty premium and sit back and rake in the dough, because I don't want to actually take the multiple years of hard work it takes to actually learn how options work."

    Option "Pros" don't "do" any one thing.

    This past year has been one of the better opportunities in the history of the stock market to make extraordinarily high returns, and all I see are people asking how to sell options and sit back, or use options to increase their leverage even though they don't know how to trade.

    If you learn how to trade, then learn everything about options, it is possible to make multiple times what any newbie trader thinks he can make selling options and take a fraction of the risk.

    Is there anyone left on this website that thinks it is getting more moronic by the day?
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    The answer to your question is.................


    Learn the basics on, start small and become a self-taught expert in your chosen strategy. Most experts couldn't trade themselves out of wet paper bag.

    That's why they write books.

    Takes about two to three years, if you keep your losses small.
  10. Selling options is not a get rich quick scheme.

    Selling options is used by pros to get modest returns during otherwise hard to trade markets (usually ranging markets).
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