Good books for index futures trading?

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  1. I have extensive experience trading the Qs and other stuff, but never traded futures:(. Any recommendation of good books for trading index futures would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Have you read, Understanding E-Minis: Trading to Win ?
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    Understanding E-Minis: Trading to Win by Jerry Williams

    Really quite nice. You can tell the author actually trades. Practical information. There's nothing revolutionary but it brings all the pieces that you need together in one place.

    General TA stuff, candlesticks, double top/bottoms, etc. Indicators like TRIN, TICK. Other concepts like NR7, Crabel's important time periods during trading day were nice addition that I came across while researching various other sources, ie Simple-123.

    Edit: Ripley was reading my mind.
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  6. ============
    among the best, Jack Schwager3 top trader books,
    Dr Van Tharp books.

    Main differences in SIF & stocks;
    SIF reverse much MORE quickly/intraday!!!!!!!
    in other words stocks trend longer up or down
    bigger size positions ES=about $50k plus stocks per contract
    and SIF rake in % faster, lose % faster.!!!!!!!!!!

    Wisdom is profitable to direct;
    read all elite info also.

    Exceedingly helpful, a SIF notebook, homemade notebook .

    Basically thats it;
    except CME, chicago BOT handles preplanned stops[including profit targets-limit orders] more professionally than stocks, seldom use broker stop orders with stocks. Frequently do with SIF.
  7. Thanks guys for the input.

    When I trade QQQQ, my stops(or trailing stops) is in my software, when certain conditions being met, the stop order(s) get sent out. My system works very good for the Qs (especially when they moved the Qs from AMEX to NASDAQ), just want to apply it to the eminis to see what will happen.

    The concern is the quality of fills and speed of fills, especially for the stop orders. Also the risk control for using such heavily leveraged instruments.
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    I use Interactive Brokers and have no problems with fills (and stops). I trade the minis (ES, NQ, ER2, and YM).

    I traded the QQQs until around 2004 when I switched to the minis. Never will go back.