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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by mdmbud, Oct 21, 2002.

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    The author of this book "Professional Stock Trading: System Design and Automation" is on ET. I decided to go down to borders to read the book and ended up buying it.

    I find it pretty interesting system trading and wondered if anyone out there has been real successful at it, 100% mechanical.

    If so, any books you recommend? What system do you use to identify the signals based upon your parameters?
  2. read it, was very helpful in creating a system of trade....

    the author is on this board, what is his screen name?
  3. Mark Conway
  4. I have a great book that I heard of but I forgot the name of it. It is written by a guy named Waxy. He is one of the greatest traders alive. He can show anyone the right way to trade. There is also Wade Cook I heard he is also well known.
  5. right?
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    I just blindly buy all the tech names that henry blodgett recommends everytime!!!! cachingos baby, cachingos!!!! :D :D
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    i've been wanting to see this book 'in person' for a while; barnes and noble doesn't even carry it...

    is the book 100% about a black box, or does it describe their system? what's the time frame that their trades are based in?

  8. nitro


    My only problem with the book is that all the code that is given in the book is not offered with the book - it is sold seperately for $495. $495 to save me the typing?

    I don't understand this, usually this stuff sells for like $50...

    nitro :mad:
  9. spencer


    The reviews at Barnes and Noble are simply stunning. All two of them. I intend on contacting "a trader from New York" and "a money manager from Los Angeles" as soon as possible to discuss their feelings in greater depth. These two entirely different people should be commended for their helpful reviews.
  10. mdmbud


    lol, man this board is getting brutal. I have no contact with this guy and liked his book. This person does not deserve to be thrashed, unless you do not like his book. If you guys keep getting this brutal, then its not worth chatting on this board.

    Sorry to the author......
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