Good Book Recommendations Please

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by tommo, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. tommo


    Hi all,

    I am an experienced futures trader but always looking to keep learning. Ive been involved in the energy markets for about 5 years off and on, but mostly relied on price action/pattern recognition etc.

    In order to push on to the next level i am looking to see if anyone knows of any good books on oil trading. Not looking for anything like The Prize which is a history on the oil markets. Something a little more technical. Seasonal patterns, interaction between swaps options and futures strategies etc.

    Anything you have found interesting would be good to hear about

  2. RedSun


    Most of the publications are proprietary based on subscription. A very good source was, but I think they somehow out of business. That website is gone and I do not know what they do now.

    Oil trading is a combination of technical trading and seasonality. There are tons of books on technical trading. You should be able to find some books on energy trading.

    Natural gas trading is a totally different story. Books do not apply :D
  3. tommo


    thanks Redsun, yeah ive been a professional trader for about 6 years, im pretty clued up with everything technical, just trying to get my head around energy specific nuances and relationships.

    Thanks for the reply
  4. zdreg


    oil 101 by morgan downey
    it is everything you want to know about the industry but maybe not trading.
  5. tommo


    cheers Zdreg, will have alook at that
  6. zdreg