Good book recommendation for trading and/or investing?

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  1. I realize these are two different subjects, but I'm open ears - want to get some book about both to read at night before bed so I can stop pestering you guys in the forum. :)

    Thanks for any input, and I apologize to mod if this is wrong place for this - other forums didn't seem appropriate.

  2. This is a trading forum, so I'll leave the investing topic alone.
    But I haven't personally read one trading book -- either physical or ebook or website.

    I have just kind of derived my wisdom and insight...from staring at the same chart/instrument/ticker symbol every day for literally years and years...before the light bulb or firestarter kicked in,

    You have to loosely keep in mind that for each of those trading author's books...they are sharing their personal wisdom and viewpoints.
    Which may or may not, to a certain degree, jive with yours.

    Don't approach, or think about, literally ...just trading;
    You have to expand your wisdom, and philosophy about life and trading...both on a vague philosophical sense, and Tactical sense. :confused: o_O

    If you are a black or white may have a difficult time trading;
    You need to be, or think, in a huge Grey constantly dynamic area.
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  3. Visaria


    Battle for investment survival by ?
    Methods of a wall street master by sperandeo
  4. "If you are a black or white may have a difficult time trading;"

    lawrence, thanks, but are you saying black or white people are not good at trading? White guy here, but that sounds kind of weird...
  5. Visaria, thanks!
  6. Xela


    Trading is full of "gray areas", so if you're the kind of person who likes everything you have to deal with to be "black-and-white" ("cut-and-dried"), you may have a hard time. Not often I get the chance to translate, here. ;)

    And my book recommendations are in this post - just scroll down a little. Look at the reviews on Amazon (especially the 1*/2* reviews by "verified purchasers" which often tell you interesting things not mentioned in the 4*/5* ones), choose something other than the Al Brooks books, and enjoy.
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  7. Haha I was just joshing lawrence Xela. Thanks for the list! Lawrence, thanks to you as well!
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    Oops, sorry!! (I sometimes don't realise when people are joking - it's always easier with hindsight; please excuse me. [​IMG] )
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  9. Hahaha, I made it far from obvious! Thanks again!
  10. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
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