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  1. can anyone recommend a good book on Options? Thanks in advnce
  2. What are you looking for? Are you a complete newbie? Do you have any experience? Are looking to learn a specific topic or a general overview? etc...

    Tons of books on options, maybe if you tell us what you are looking for we can recommend some specific ones on point for you.
  3. i would like some recommendations on books for complete newbies..... and maybe a few really good one for people that already konw the basics.... for future reference once i've understood the fundamentals.
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    Here's a novel idea..... How about clicking on the books link and read some reviews.

    There are some resources available on this site if you just put in a little effort.
  5. yeah i know. but i'd rather get reviews from people who actually trade.
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  7. I see you've posted this in two different places! grrr...

    Just about any introductory text will do e.g. Options as Strategic Investment by McMillan

    Optioncoach here has co-written a book called The Option Trader Handbook. I haven't read it myself but did pick it up at a bookshop recently - it's fairly densely packed! i.e. lots of info. Have a look at the Book Reviews here on ET for more reviews.

    After that, the usual suspects such as Option Volatility and Pricing by Natenburg and Options: The Hidden Reality by Cottle,Dynamic Hedging by Taleb,Option Market Making by Baird etc.

    Don't forget riskarb is allegedly working on a book that is bound to be a best seller!

    Then there are online education sites e.g.

    And Option Planet, the educational affiliate of thinkorswim offer free classes that many people here on ET offer praise for. I've never attended any myself.

    An earlier post might also be of use:

    Lastly, suggest you learn to use the Search Function on ET, just about any question you can think of has probably already been answered at least twice before - especially when it comes to topics such as recommended books, brokers, software etc.

    Good luck!

  8. Baron should make you honorary Information Officer and King of Linkage....
  9. optioncoatch, what do you think of his suggestions? are there any other good ones that you would recommend as well? for beginners.....
  10. Mo is always on the money..

    If you are a total, never touched options newbie, then you can start with "Getting Started in Options" by Thomasett

    If you are already wet behind the ears, McMillian's "Options as a Strategic Investment" is a one-stop shopping, bible-thick book with all great stuff.

    After McMillian, Natenberg in order to understand Volatility. If his book is over your head, then Fontanills book, The Volatility Course is a better start.

    Cottle's book is very thought provoking but over the head of a beginner. Think about it as a goal down the road.

    My book is somewhere in the middle of all of that, straight-forward, non-Greek focus on trade adjustments for the average retail investor. if I can pat myself here, the first chapter on Risk Management (in the general sense) is a good read for beginners to put themselves in the right frame of mind.

    After all that, plus all the free online info, you are covered for books for now...

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