good book for market technique?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Samba, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. Samba


    Hi all!

    I´m searching for good books about market technique.

    I would like to have one that is more classical (as a kind of enzeclopadia) and some with are more "out of the box" point of view.

    I read Alan Farlay "The master swing trader" and I really liked that one.

  2. xianokie


    Before you post you may want to try and use that "CHECK SPELLING" button down at the bottom. As far as a book goes try "Street Smarts".
  3. dgmodel

    dgmodel Guest

    trading for a living by Alexander Elder...
    A random walk down Wall St. by i forgot.
    damn and theres another one i have at home but forgot the name of it, something randomness... when i go home ill post it...
  4. Sun Tzu's the Art of War for Traders and Investors by Lundell I think you will like it
  5. Vishnu


    I know people dont really agree with this but I really think the best trading book is:

    The Essays of Warren Buffett

    People forget that long before Buffett was a hard-core big bet value guy he was a hedge fund manager/daytrader playing mostly arbitrage positions. His essays contain valuable insights on taking losses, averaging down, and trading in general.
  6. Who is the Buffet book written by?
  7. xianokie


    don't keep us in suspense....Who the HELL wrote that Warren Buffet Book?
  8. nitro


    I really enjoyed this book.