Good bet? im winning!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wwatson1, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. I came across and opened a virtual account, they seem to be offering an options style trading account. The thing is i am doing well betting that an index is below/above a certain level in 5 days time, similar to selling out of the money options.

    they have High commissions but finding the overall direction of the main trend and then betting outside of major support or resistance is giving me winning trades.

    What do you all think, I am thinking about opening a real money account and putting on 2 bets a day.:)
  2. Their Cash Card looks more interesting than the NETeller used on other online gaming sites. Good luck with it.

    You may or may not develop an interest in other online gaming from this, such as poker and casinos. offers you some poker fun, play or real money. is a decent casino site, play or real money.

    Plus at least a thousand other gaming sites out there . . .
  3. no qqqs trades?
  4. Have you continued to play this stock betting site? Did you ever open a real money account with them?