good article on nyc downturn.

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  1. gaj


    it's not all "downturn" - but what's working and not working in nyc. and it's far more accurate than the comments i've read by some on here, or in the press:

    disappointed about the virgin megastore of the few major/chains that acted like an overgrown indie. filled by a forever 21 - ugh.

    stuff not in the article: if you check opentable for restaurant reservations, there are many more open slots at places than there were last year, same time.

    and i've been told that the bus tours focused on the real places in nyc that appeared on tv...well, the tourists from there used to be spending some coin in the shops that they visited on the tour. not anymore - it's now pictures in front of the stores.
  2. 43,000 Square-Feet Of Armani Style
    Armani/5th Avenue Debuts
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    In your world, actions speak louder than words.

    With that in mind, nothing says stimulus this season...

    ... Like a brand-new flagship store. Opening next Wednesday, Italian fashion maestro Giorgio Armani is moving to Fifth Avenue. Armani/Fifth Avenue sits on 43,000 square-feet of prime UES real estate while its glass walls stretch 45-feet high.

    In his glass house, like you’d expect, is a glossy, beautiful, modern display for everyone to admire. Start at the basement for all your casual needs courtesy of EA7 and Armani Jeans; those Beckham-approved threads also make their home here. The ground floor houses accessories and fragrances. Climb up the modern staircase and you’ll find Armani Casa, as well as both Giorgio and Emporio collections.

    Being a flagship, there’s a stable of perks. Book a private VIP fitting room for those precision suit fittings. And in between picking peak lapels and debating vents, you might even sample Armani Dolci’s line of fine chocolates.

    The sweets and select products from both lines are unique to this store.

    So is that limited-edition, crocodile messenger you’ve had your eye on.

    Armani/5th Avenue
    717 Fifth Avenue (at 56th Street)
    Tel: (212) 339-5950