Good article about a loser's mindset

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Riskmanager, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Nice Try. Colorful prose. Little substance. No Sale. Good luck next time. Steve46
  2. That is hilarious. I have been reading The Onion for years. Always good for a laugh.
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    Yes, leave it to the Onion to put things in perspective.

    "All you need to know is this: I am the fucking master of calling shit. The Wall Street warrior. The world heavyweight champion of high-volume, high-risk, high-yield trading. I called that surge, because I am the masta of calling tech stocks! "
  4. Anyone see the Spike Lee "joint", 25th Hour? For some reason this guy reminds me of the big time prop trader character. Probably because both of them are cocky as hell. There were some excellent lines in that trading room scene.
  5. Yeah. But that damn movie was so depressing I almost killed myself afterwards.
  6. Word. For those who haven't seen it the movie deals with having to go to jail. I'm deathly afraid of jail. I'm too pretty to go to jail I like to say. That's why I don't commit crimes among other reasons. I don't know why more people don't jump bail. Could you imagine being innocent and going into a court room and knowing that there were only two ways out; out the front door to freedom or out the backdoor to jail? Funk that.

    Sorry for taking this thread so off topic. I'll try to get a transcript of the trading floor scene if I have time. Its classic.
  7. mostly filler

    guess everybody needs a job
  8. Never seen it.. does it deal a lot with trading?? or just a scene or two??

    Any good trader movies out there anyone know of..

    I've seen Limit Up & Rogue Trader..