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    I had a decent automated system written last yeat that I run with IB from time to time. The problem I have had with IB is that the commission structure is too expensive for high volume systems with 100's of small fills - so, I currently am not running it.

    I have contacted Genesis, but found it very difficult to get information from them about their API.

    Sterling has many B/D's that will give competitive rates, but three programmers I have worked with have absolutely given up on writing to their API (all, decent coders).

    Does anyone have experience with a high volume broker with a good API that will offer high volume (1 - 2 Million shares per month), automated systems traders competive rates (<.75/100) and pass through ECN rebates?

  2. What did they find problematic with Sterling? It seemed pretty straightforward. BTW, REDI has an OK api plus decent support.
  3. I've been using Genesis's api for a few weeks now. It's ok, but I *really hate* the design. It basically forces you to implement an MFC widget. Doesn't make sense to me at all because most program trading is done via some backend server process, not some desktop gui client!

    Check out RedSky, I've been using their api for a few weeks as well and have found it to be able to handle more volume and has a much cleaner, although not as documented interface. They make up for it in terms of API support though, which they are usually very fast to reply. Redsky also does multicast over LAN if you get a dedicated ine or host with them.

    On the same subject, does anyone know of any brokers which support linux or have a documented price streaming protocol? I don't trust windows for mission critical applications.
  4. Check out, this framework supports IB, MBT and MyTrack for equity trading.
  5. try our api at Assent...its reallyl good and we have tons of programs running currently on it

    if you wnat more info email me at

    dhalabu @

  6. check out golden market they write the codes,finance them if its profitable and have per share OR per order OR per fill whatever works for you. They also have a black box front end.the code is c sharpe and they have a number of current black boxes running.
  7. Lime Brokerage, the rest are a gamble.
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  9. You think so? The bastards never emailed me back, I guess if you don't have a $500,000 account they don't care.

  10. Yeah, they won't talk to you if your trading less than 500K shares a month, but their API is good.

    Cyber API is free and easy to get, its OK but if it doesnt do what you want it to or how you want it done, forget it. What you see is what you get.
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