Good alternative to IB?

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    I like the low commissions with IB and I don't need hand holding. But the fact that TWS crashes within 10 minutes of starting it *every time* and the fact that IB apparently has no fix for this is forcing me to look for another broker.

    Does anybody have recommendations for a low cost, *reliable* broker? I trade equities and options and might someday be trading futures.
  2. IB has been fantastic, perfect, the best for me.

    I've had Scottrade, Zecco, Sogo and TDAmeritrade...they don't even come close to IB.
  3. TWS does not crash for me and I have it on several different computers. Rienstall JAVA or disable some other programs you have starting up. IB and TWS are not the issue here.
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    I agree, I've had nearly every platform and broker there is, and IB is hands down the best. In fact, in the last 2 years, I've never had a problem with TWS. This must have something to do with your internet connection or your computer.

    Some times it appears as though you have a good internet connection, but the line can be shared with so many people that your band width is squeezed. This may be your problem. Steaming connections act crazy with squeezed band width.

    IB does have the cheapest commissions as well, so you shouldn't expect a lot of customer service. I would start by testing your connection to the internet.
  5. When you find one let me know. IB is way ahead of the pack and I don't see anyone trying to catch up.

    Maybe give MBTrading a shot.
  6. been using tws on 4 diff computers , op systems, for a decade. don't think tws has crashed once.

    almost certain your pc is crapped up.

    they have thousands of customers without your problem.
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    The crashes occur on an 8 Gb Windows XP-x64 machine with nothing else running. TWS is most emphatically the issue. It freezes up all the time, and I have to kill it with the Windows Task Manager.
  8. Try upgrading to Windows 7 64bit, that is what I am running and no issues at all. I don't have any hands on experience with XP-64bit but I have heard a lot about compatibility issues.
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    I've used IB for 5 years, it has never crashed my computer. One time during the end of year holiday season IB's systems crashed and I guess there weren't any staff to rectify it quickly, IB was out of order for an hour or so, apart from that one-off IB has been excellent in terms or reliability and connectivity. There are trading issues that tick me off but that is another thread.

    You might want to clean out your computer and try TWS again, TuneUpUtilities has a free trial that can fix a lot of issues very quickly.
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    or good old 32 xp. imo-it would be faster and easier to try this, rather than dealing with new broker,accounts,platforms etc..try clean install,check your memory using memtest..things like that..
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