Good all in one trading area?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by cbyp, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. cbyp


    I'd like to test out my trading plan with paper money, but i need some indicators, free data feed and a demo account.

    I have tried some free demo accounts, but they either didnt come with graphs, or they could not have indicators applied to them.

    obviously once trading with real money i will be using a premum data feed and better software but until i know it works im not going to fork out.

    so, i need either a free data feed for appliacations i have, or a free web based charting system that isnt too basic but allows me to add things like %R, and have different timescale windows.

    i did find one, but once i exited all my settings were lost (its a generic shared one)

    if theres are broker who can provide a trading panel plus data free, then thats even better!

  2. cbyp


    yeah thats the one i tried.... any way to stop it losing my settings when i exit?
  3. Try going to they have a very comprehensive platform for what you are seeking to do. It's pretty colorful also.... so at least you won't bore yourself to death.

  4. nassau


    Gain capital gives graphs and min by min news
    I find I get the news and am in a lot of cases able to catch the stock move as the currency move is in play.
    Also for the few dollars you could subscribe to esignal..depending on what you get it is 30-130 dollars for the month..
    It is less than lunch with a friend and as we all know it is a small cost to know for sure if your business plan works.