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  1. The owner/analyst is also a hedge fund manager, with 50 mil in assets. In the hedge fund, he had averaged over 70% a year for the past 5 years, with a max dd < 10%.

    His advisory service was closed after a year. At the end of the year:

    Performance: 100%
    Client base: 25, paying $200/mo each.
  2. For $5k a month, running an advisory is too much hassle for basically no reward... he made the correct decision by deciding to manage the big bucks full-time...
  3. How come he had only 25 clients with these results ?
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    rule#1 - cut loss quickly.
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    This is peanuts ...... Perhaps the reason it was closed. In a professional business you had better be making more money than working for someone else: this is employee money.

  6. where did you get this data ??

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    is this fund called Fund X, I vaguely recall seeing it somewhere.
  8. Yes, it is penuts. Why did he only have 25 clients? Search me... The page recieved a few hundred unique visitors each day. I guess the hype advisory services are more appealing to the retail investors :eek:

    "Where did you get this data?" I called him before he shut down the site.

    "Fund X" No...
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    If he's honestly runnuing 50 mm then 60k is lunch money.
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    I suspect it was a way of advertising his fund. Check out my advisory service but if you would rather have me do it, invest in my fund. Then when the fund got big enough close the advisory. It shows that if you are a good trader you will find a way to make money even if you do not have it when you start. I hope he does well. By the way was this a german guy name jurgen or something german. He may have been a tennis player. I read an interview of a guy who had a similar set up.
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