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  1. White House Defends Bush's Guard Service During War


    Feb 3, 6:45 PM (ET)

    By Adam Entous
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House swung into campaign mode on Tuesday to defend President Bush's record in the Texas Air National Guard far from the battlefields of Vietnam after Democrats accused him of going "AWOL."

    White House spokesman Scott McClellan denied Democratic charges that Bush shirked his military duties in the early 1970s unlike Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran.

    McClellan called the accusations "shameful" and the "worst of election-year politics." Bush "fulfilled his duties" in the National Guard and was honorably discharged. "The president was proud of his service," McClellan added.

    The counter-attack came as voters voted in seven states on the biggest day yet of a Democratic presidential race so far dominated by Kerry.

    Analysts said the unusually blunt response underscored White House concerns that military service could become a campaign issue.

    Bush stayed out of combat in Vietnam while serving as a pilot in the Air National Guard.

    Democrats have long challenged Bush's record of attendance in the guard in 1972 when he transferred temporarily to an Alabama unit to work on a political campaign.

    According to a copy of the National Guard document granting him an "honorable" discharge on Oct. 1, 1973, Bush completed five years and four months of service -- less than the obligatory six years -- before entering Harvard Business School.


    On Sunday, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe thrust the issue to center stage, telling ABC's "This Week" television program that he welcomed a debate on military service if Kerry won the party's presidential nomination.

    "I look forward to that debate when John Kerry, a war hero with a chest full of medals, is standing next to George Bush, a man who was AWOL in the Alabama National Guard," McAuliffe said. "George Bush never served in our military in our country. He didn't show up when he should have showed up."

    The accusation that Bush was AWOL, or "absent without leave," stems from charges that he missed required drills in Alabama.

    The leading Democratic candidates have yet to directly criticize the president's Air National Guard service, although Kerry routinely contrasts Bush's made-for-television landing last year on an aircraft carrier with his own real-life experiences in combat.

    Asked whether he considered Bush "AWOL" during his service in the National Guard, Kerry told CNN, "It is a question that's been raised and that ought to be answered."

    But he added: "I spoke out against the use of the word deserters, which I thought was inappropriate ... and over the top."

    Vice President Dick Cheney obtained deferments from the draft during the Vietnam War.

    Democratic candidate Howard Dean also missed service in Vietnam -- owing to a bad back, though that did not keep him off the ski slopes.


    Without naming McAuliffe, McClellan said "these kinds of attacks have no place in politics and everyone should condemn them."

    Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot attacked Kerry directly. "To suggest, as Sen. Kerry has, that the military should 'answer questions' about President Bush's honorable discharge is an outrage," he said.

    Besides his Vietnam combat record, Kerry also has almost two decades of foreign policy experience in the Senate, and Bush's allies concede this could make him a formidable challenger on national security issues.

    A recent USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup poll had Kerry defeating Bush 53 percent to 46 percent, a lead outside the poll's margin of error.
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    ART, OK we get it, you don't like Bush. Stop beating this issue into the ground. If military service was a pre-requisite to be President, this country would never have elected that draft dodger Bill Clinton to two terms of office. Obviously it's not that big of a deal yet you act like more then 10 people in this country actually give a shit about this. They really don't. Most americans want to be safe, have a strong economy, and want their families to be healthy. Nobody cares about Bush's national guard service or how many times he got laid in college or what his drug of choice was at Yale.

    How many tours of duty to you serve in Vietnam? Which beach did you land on during WWII? How many planes did you shoot down during the korean war? Did you serve in the first Gulf war? OK then. So stop passing judgements on other people. It's getting really old. If you have something to say about Bush's policies fine, but don't berate somebody for doing something you yourself probably would have done in the exact same situation. Truth is most human beings are heros in our minds and cowards in reality. Deal with it!
  3. Is it me or does every Republican suffer from "Anne Coulter disease" and must always refer back to Bill Clinton when their beloved G-Dubya is under attack.

    On another note,
    I think G-Dubya got off easy during his presidency. I recall him saying that he was outaged the way SNL protrayed his father was running the show. If not for 9/11 and the call to not make fun of the president, Will Ferrell would've provided many hours of humor as he did when Dubs was movin' in. Although I'm apolitical and do not favor one party or president over another, I honestly don't think things can get any worse.
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  5. The polls say Kerry can.
  6. BTW, Is that the cover of the Dumb and Dumber director's cut DVD?

  7. Again, mavman, thanks again for takin' time out to write us from the Front lines in Iraq.

    How're things going over there? You guys got water to drink?

    Be careful over there,

  8. Actually, it's the cover of Ann Coulter's interpretation of Mein Kampf.

    Unfortunately for the Bush family, it never made it to the theaters...
  9. Wrong Mav. Look at that tinhorn bullshitter saying "bring em on". Bravado from a twerp.

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