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  1. Arnie


    If I may add to the those 1.5 seconds of thought...
    Turn around your spine, don't sway
    Push off your back foot on the take away, (right for a righty, left for a lefty)
    Let your lead shoulder touch your chin on the back swing, followed by your lagging shoulder on the finish.
    Release the club right at the low point of your swing, don't be early with the release.
    Swing down, around and up through your finish.

    If none of those work, just walk up and smack the shit out of the ball.
    Played my 1st round in over a year, shot a 107 (honest, no gimees or "foot wedges).
    Only had one par. Hit 4 fairways and 3 greens in regulation. Most of the score was 3 putts on a bunch of holes.
    Drive for show, putt for dough.
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  2. deaddog


    It doesn't seem fair that a 2 inch put and a 250yard drive count the same.
    Half of the strokes in a regulation par are putts; only 18 of them drives and that's if you consider par 3 tee offs as drives.
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  3. LacesOut


    Putt for dough!!!
    I’ve had enough eagle putts that led to bogeys...
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  4. vanzandt


    No one gets on a par 5 in 2 and then four putts, or drives a par 4 and 4 putts.
    When that level of skill is achieved, you know how to putt by then.
    Hitting a par 5 in two takes a lifetime of experience and skill. Ditto a par 4 in one.
    On a real course at least.
    Sh*t happens, but rarely more than once would this happen at this level.
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  5. deaddog


    Iknow a lot of kids who can hit the ball a mile but can't score. You never 4 putted?
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  6. vanzandt


    No. And I've never had a losing trade lol.

    I realize there's gorilla's out there..... but if they hit the green its pure luck. And if it's not, they don't 4 putt. Either way, Laces isn't a kid.... and even if it did happen once, it certainly doesn't merit an "all the time" bent to the post.

    I can count on one hand (maybe two) the eagle putts I've ever had.
    and honestly.... probably one.
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  7. LacesOut


    Dude. This has happened to me several times. I’m not bragging! Believe me.
    Only driven a par 4 once (it was short, 280)...birdie.
    But I have putt for eagle 5 times in the last 2 golf seasons and birdied one, par one, bogey three. Never Eagled before.
    Putting is like a different sport
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  8. LacesOut


    Fwiw I can’t even count the number of birdie putts I’ve had that led to bogeys.
    B to B is what my old buddy used to call it.
    The worst score on the card.
    I used to golf with a pro once a week. He played on the PGA tour for a few years in the early 80s and never won a tourney.
    He used to say all the time “There’s two things in the world that don’t last long: dogs who chase cars and pro golfers who get pars.
    Putting is the great differentiator.
    That’s why Tiger was so dominant. His game to the green was amazing but ON the green he was untouchable.
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  9. vanzandt


    I've been telling B1 this from the start of this thread lol.

    There was one course where at one time or the other, I had birdied every hole at least once on that course. 2 eagles too, it was an easy par 5 though. Downhill into the green and the green wasn't elevated at all so on a dry day you could roll one on.
    Anyway... every hole but one. #14. The hardest friggin hole of all time. Narrow par 4 with a damn hill and stream all the way down the right, a forest on the left, a curve left at the end, and the damn 3 tiered green at the top of another hill surrounded by bunkers. It was a given double boogie every round for me. Well one time I smacked a 3 wood and it hit a bunch of trees above the green and the ball spit out on the very bottom of the green. It must have been... I have no idea, a 200 foot putt lol, over a huge rise and a slope left.... to this day I'll never forget it. I sunk that f'r for birdie. :D
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  10. LacesOut


    Man those shots stay with you forever.
    It’s what keeps you coming back.

    There’s a hole on an amazing course that I play often that has 400 yards of massive water hazard all along the right hand side. Par 5, 500+

    Lots of room to put it on the fairway left of it - but the water is like a fucking magnet for my ball.

    There was not a round, it seemed, where I wasn’t hitting it into the drink...either on the drive or on the second shot.

    My white whale hole.

    My only round this year on that course, I hit a beautiful drive and my second shot makes it to the fringe. It’s a miracle.
    Putting for Eagle. Huge green, at least 90 feet from the hole, with multiple levels.

    4 putt.
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