golf is not even a sport

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  1. it dawned on me that there is no player interaction AT ALL in golf.

    its merely an exhibition of putting a ball in a hole.

    nothing you do affects the other players and vice versa.

    and dont mention 'psychological' pressure, thats not the point.

    thus, golf is not a competition, or a sport.

  2. how is a sport defined?

    solo figure skating, gymnastics, power lifting and downhill skiing also do not have player interaction, so would you consider them exhibitions for display and not sports? a lot of olympic events in fact would not be sports by your definition.
  3. u are correct.

    the point may be argued , but imo, absent interaction, its a display of skill. Archery, bowling, there are many others.
  4. is track & field sport you idiot


    Ever heard of the Ryder Cup idiot?

    How about the Curtis Cup?

    I could go on and on as to 'why' golf is a sport and that what one player does may impact another player's choices but you clearly don't understand the most basic facets of the sport. So you saw no interaction between Corey Pavin, Bubba Watson and Scott Verplank during today's sudden death playoff?

    How many of your 10,000+ posts are uninformed drivel like this one? Don't answer .....
  6. stuck777 is a poser
  7. once they resort to name calling you have to assume you've hit a nerve and declare victory.
  8. Lucrum


    And killedthebraincells recently admitted to working long term at McDonalds. Whilst poo pooing the consumption of meat.

    What was your point again?
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  10. Well, if it's not a sport, it's one helluva well-paying job.

    I don't understand how, when you make 5mill a year being a walking billboard, can get on TV and cry because your dad is dying of cancer, and not give the check to the American Cancer Society. So, you toss 1.4 mill, 6 bills would go to Bam anyway, and he'll just piss it away. You'd get so much goodwill, and probably five times that would come back to you in endorsements and such.
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