Goldman…so what else is new?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Financial Saint, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Today’s news on Goldman which has brought all the markets down it’s not the actual reason why the markets are down. The real reason why the markets are down is because they got caught, which they never expected to get caught (all the senior traders and brokers knew about this, so this is not news to them) and now since this is out, is other stuff going to come out from other banks and brokers? Which they all know there is a lot more that can come out and everybody is running scared by selling… and that’s why the market is down. This type of trading and deal making is very common on Wall Street and I guess in their eyes it has always been legal until they get caught. Now since they got caught they know it’s illegal and next time they will try much harder not to get caught. The financial system is all about credibility and if you don’t have it then the entire financial system is like a house of cards, everything can collapse very quickly and the only thing that keeps those cards together is credibility. When are they going to understand that?

    This is just my humble opinion