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  1. enough is enough! This stock under $50 now?? WTF! When do you guys start buying this name?
  2. They are planning to buy it in 1 days
    It has been 15 days continiously and ther eis not hope at all
  3. What is to stop it from going to $25?
  4. Not today, if they decide buy Citigroup over the weekend they could be the next in line.
  5. Goldman is AMERICA. It's the most prestigious company in the history of the world.
  6. I agree
    For Goldman to fail is like America to fail
    They will not let GS fail at alll
    The big Boys are buying here so when it goes back to $100 + They can sell it
  7. That's what was said about GM, before Toyota outsold them in the USA. Sorry, no firm or consortium is above being humbled. We're talking about dollars and cents here.
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    IF GS fails I guess the other big banks and brokers will fail too, ...IFFFFF the biggest of the biggest fails what does the market do then, will there even be a market place. I mean it seems all the banks and brokers are disappearing one by one, will there even be a broker/bank, look where greed has taken this market, amazing isnt it.
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    Goldman Sachs have absolutely bottomed at $49. I have bought 400 shares myself. GS is going so much higher to at least $180 next year. There is no way GS can fail, especially with Paulson.

    GS is easily the best investment in this bear market.
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    The bald guy will be gone in about 40 days. :D
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