Goldman; "wrapping ribbons around watermelons!"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by omegapoint, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. These jokers have been at this for a long long time. Spotlight

    is on them since the shorts almost sent them to Lehman and

    Merrill's fate last fall. Quickly pulled the commercial bank

    stunt to save their slimy hide. Feds money laundering arm

    for market operation. Might as well nationalize them also.
  2. Don't know how you go from "almost" to the best year they ever had and passing out bonuses? They've got
    3/4 of the revolving door occupied at all times. So do you hate the briber or the bribee or both for letting it happen?
  3. Shorts started the attack last fall. Gov't came to their rescue

    with Buffet, etc. I would like to know what has become of the

    toxic assets. I bet some were transferred elsewhere. Just

  4. In the meantime the media is spoonfeeding us with everything
    under the sun except details of who, what and how, for that you have to go to print but print editorializing has little effect beyond entertainment for its comfortable enough subscribers to cause regulators to invoke fines that might really have a disincentivizing effect on the Goldmans in this thing. The kind of news we're getting is the sort of stuff that makes grandmothers go "oooo,
    he's cheating on his wife" its why I stopped watching my local news, everyday somebody burns down their house or kills somebody somehow; its Groundhog Day in perpetuity on our tubes. We truly are a flea circus.
  5. Well put.
  6. FWIW, GS is a great stock to trend trade. Find some simple system and simple rules. MA crossover etc.

  7. I don't trade it, but I understand it is very popular.